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With the latest gadgets and laptops online, I am sure you would like to comfortably take care of your laptops and cell phones in exquisite cover pieces. This can be done by purchasing our custom phone cases, custom iPad cases and even personalized laptop bags.

We have a great number of laptop sleeves and phone covers, as well as iPhone and iPad cases to suit your favorite technological gadget. Take for example our custom iPhone skins. Our current iPhone cases caters for all iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5, and are available in the mixed color combination of black and white. The case itself is made by the spectacular brand Joto, and consists of a frame made out of metal and plastic. You can upload your own photos and have them printed too! You can also add your own logo for your team or company to your smartphone.

As you make your own iPhone case with us, you can make use of the prints we have available in store for you. First in line is digital printing, which is highly recommended for multi-colored images, as it brings out the best in its resolution and picture clarity. Flock prints, however, are able to give your covers and cases a velvety feel that has a great resemblance to the feeling of touching plush. This is because the print is made out of flock prints which have a velvety finish to it. You could alternatively make your own iPhone case with flex prints that will provide it with a very slight shine on the exterior of the cover, whilst maintaining a smooth surface. Both flex and flock prints are able to accept up to three color mixtures for each design you choose as you design your own iPhone case. The final form of printing you could use is the standard flex print. If you use this to create your own iPhone case, you will find that the case will have both a smooth and glistening surface. It is however specific in the color it accepts, in the sense that only a singular color option can be chosen for this particular print. All the prints on our website bear the mark of exceedingly high durability, so you will not have to worry about discoloration of your covers or cases as long as they are maintained well.

You can personalize the covers and cases by choosing designs from our cover application, customizing your texts or phrases or even uploading an image or two to use on it. If there is a particular picture or image you wish to commemorate on the case, you will just have to upload the file onto our applicator, and thereafter apply it on the location you would like on the case or cover. Do however make sure that the image you are using is exclusively yours, as you will otherwise need to obtain prior approval from its owner before using the image.


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